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Corporate Office

mq. 4900

Malaysia 2015 

Commissioned to create a location for everyday office activities, that could interact as much as possible with the wide tropical context, we have envisaged a structure, that with the lightness of a soap bubble, seems to emerge from the ground. The transparent sphere, 46m diameter and 35m.high, is entirely made of glass and steel. The impalpable membrane deletes transition, creating continuity between indoor and outdoor landscape. The glass dome challenges the concept of traditional work environment. Natural light floods the space, physical presence of green and view of the exuberant nature around make particularly attractive the working ambience. At the top, hanging gardens will host meetings and events as well as a portion has been reserved, as private living area, with cantilevered swimming pool, for the owner. From an opening on the top, natural waterfalls, in the rainy days, will revitalize the greenery, cooling the overall ambience. 


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