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​Based on the concept of ‘discreet luxury’, the high fashion brand boutique on two levels displays the sophisticate atmosphere of a pure, minimalist interior coupled with use of high end materials. The almost monochromatic environment displays few touches of starkly contrasting tones. A black and white graphic pattern, played by marquina stripes laid along Carrara marble flooring, underlines the geometry of the space, articulating the iconic character of deco inspiration. Green serpentino cantilevered steps express the alluring sign of the staircase, punctuating the purity of the double volume vertical surface. Radical simplicity combined with meticulous attention to details forges a look of perpetual modernity. Elegant, slender appliques, expressly crafted by Moretti Glasses-Venezia, on our specific design, discretely enlighten from their lunar frosted glass the ice-white reflective plaster walls.

Fashion Boutique

mq 220


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