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Mixed Development

mq. 198,432

Malaysia 2011


The project, that embodies a mixed-use concept, brings together private and public into one urban landscape, linking the diverse functions in a synergetic dialogue and exchange. The design has been conceived as an organic continuum, in which each element (hotel, commercial activities, private areas) influences the others through different stimuli, that vitalize every corner.The buildings’ location in an urban district enables to combine verticality and horizontality, using the different scales as visual axis and markers, near and far. The green is the fulcrum, the leitmotif that holds the entire quarter: the sequence of green areas not only provides an enjoyable environment but connects as relational space, able to nurture social interaction. Walkway paths knit the mosaic of destinations, large trees punctuate the way, creating an appealing continuous canopy. The inner landscape opens itself to a rich pattern of activities and emphasizes the importance of recreation in contemporary lifestyle.A social heart in an environmental lung.Modern design, advanced sustainable thought and functional solutions offer a pleasant frame to the dynamic ambience, where people can work, go shopping but also relax and gather. 

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