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mq. 5,000

Malaysia 2014

The Clubhouse complex, intended as an active gathering center, with leisure spaces of encounter and more private ones, has been conceived as a cluster of 4 blocks independent but closely connected together. Exploiting the sloping terrain, the sequenced series of units has been carefully positioned as appropriate gestures to the setting, in order to enhance the open spatiality and privilege extensive view.The tapestry of multiple activities, spread through a wide green expansion, ensures a network of easy accessibility between zones, regulated by different schedules. The layout, configured by the site conditions, re-proposes with the clear lines of simple geometries the typology of some tropical resorts, offering to the people a continuous physical contact with the nature and not affecting the general feeling of spaciousness.People are encouraged to live the inside and outside through the porosity of the buildings, choosing not only physical activities but also undisturbed corners, where to spend, according to the mood, pleasant moments with friends or alone. The language of contemporaneity, focused on the essential elements of volume, light and surface, expresses the physicality of the project. 

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