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Japanese Restaurant

mq 110

Singapore 2016

The restaurant, located in South Beach, Singapore, welcomes with the seductive contrast of its bold spatiality, emphasized by natural earthy stone flooring and grey shaded walls, tempered by the preciosity of brass customized lighting fixtures.The intricate pattern soft the stylized signs produces an enticing contrast of light and shadows, creating an engaging sense of intimacy. The pure simplicity, austere linearity of Japanese tradition is theatrically magnified by the lighting setup, enhancing the Japanese aesthetics, more connected with Buddhist tradition: the world of flux, the idea of constant change. Screens break with rhythmic interval this interplay of shadows and conveniently hit by sources of indirect light express abstract movements. Marble table top and brass refined finishing suggest a place of elegance and taste, where to indulge in plates of high preparation and exquisite cuisine.A sleek counter invites with its sculptural presence to a wide offer of sake and the a tatami room, repurposes the traditional ‘built-in’ recessed space reserved for private dining. 

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