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Public Square

mq. 4,064

Russia 2014

Winning Award: Finalist


The idea is of empowering Russia into the age of art and technology creating a catalyst to its sphere of influence, once again.

A single monumental unit forms an amplified sculpture into an emergent system of mapping. The geometry of the single monumental unit exists between third (3D) and fourth (4D) dimensional space of the most emphasized form in the history of Russian Avant-garde art. It represents a cube in motion evolving into a rhombus which simulates motion and hence, also Time, as the fourth coordinate. The singular monument can be replicated, remapped, reorganized into varying complex wholes over various sites intensifying the magnitude of the presence.                                                           

“[…]the work of art was analogous to mathematical systems, and like them, it evolved during its execution’   El Lissitzky


Leaving a trace

The suspended sculpture carves an imaginary linear path on ground level. The names of famous Russian Avant-garde artists and architects are engraved on the ground along this path creating a memorial journey. The light from the floating modules radiates at night leaving a poetic absence -presence of the significant figures.


Defying gravity

At human scale the environment is designed as a piazza for public events leaving only the supports of the floating sculpture which is encased in a tube wrapped with fiber optic light. The dual function of the structure-landscape lights is meant to result in a sculpture that will seem to be suspended without supports.


The Fourth Coordinate

The idea of a flexible sculpture consisting of easily reinstalled and lightweight modules is to incorporate the fourth dimension into design. ‘Time’ as the 4th coordinate is activated by creating a formal cause to summon current day Russian artists to participate in the possibility of re-designing and re-mapping the evolving form with the similar modules, hence creating a transformable setting in time and on different sites. The singular module acts as a monument that could be displayed at other sites or museums signifying a scintilla of the Russian Avant-garde movement in different time zones.

”Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it”  Vladimir Moyokovsky

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