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mq. 80,000

Malaysia 2011

The site, in a crucial position between two important elements, the land and the water, has inspired the architectural project.The new complex rises out from the water as sturdy seagulls’ posts; the blocks, like crystal rocks enveloped by gigantic mangroves in the forefront of an environmental imagery, offer with their strong presence an iconic gateway between institutions and leisure. A conscientious progamme of green language, main part of this architectural exercise, has translated advanced technology into an eco-imagery. The aim has been to create a communicative iconography, concerning with the uniqueness of the mangrove ecosystem. The pattern reproducing the intricate roots of these trees wraps the crystal towers symbolizing the precious eco-system service they offer in the safeguard of natural tropical resources. The metal “mangrove roots” create natural shadow and a pleasant environment inside the working spaces reducing the sunshine radiations as fritted glasses minimize energy consumption.The buildings live in an artificial pond-like: water and greenery provide an oasis of refreshment, light and reflexion make particular suggestive the site during nighttime.

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