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 Headquarter Office

 mq 2,800

 Malaysia - 2012

Marble and wood crafted with classic, rigorous simplicity express the long tradition of the Company. Harmonic balance between warm materials and contemporary lines offers a new appeal of sophistication. The elegant, flexible environment unfolds over two levels on the top of a 34 floor central tower. Book matched Tiger Onyx runs vertically above 6m, along the lift core, accentuating full height of the breathing double volume lobby area, adding movement and emphasising dimensions. The splendid weaving texture of the marble, mirror polished, confers strong visual impact, providing prominent identity. Pale neutrality of the materials’ palette, chosen as chromatic combination, completes the narrative enhancing spaciousness and offering a fresh, energizing working environment. The refreshingly, airy modern setting incorporates principles of feng shui. An agile workspace pattern encourages dynamicity and interaction.

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