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The Piazza claims two vocations, apparently irreconcilable: to cross and to stay. We tried to interpret and solve the dichotomy, emphasizing and facilitating directions of the museum tour, in which the Piazza is inserted as crucial node. We focused in strengthening the charismatic 'attractiveness' of the historic 'open space' as, at the same time, of a new identity of civic space.

The intervention, aiming to enhance the existing and add a new character, will help a project with a prominent urban and social significance. With sort of centrifugal movement, the sittings leave the previous aggregation, concentrated around the nucleus of Leonardo and disciples, and settle, offering a full visual spatiality, that does not limit or suggest directions but tickles and favors individual choices and preferences. Closing the island to the traffic and making it completely pedestrian on three perimetral edges, it will be offered to buildings, institutions on the piazza, a widest space and opportunity for spreading cultural-artistic events, at the moment exhibited inside these important corollaries of La Scala. The hub, constituted by meaningful relationships, will find a new qualification. This new, open, undisturbed spatiality will not only add value, benefit and exalt the important architectural setting but the piazza will orchestrate new emblematic tones in the cultural Milanese debate.


mq. 6,000

Italy 2014

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