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Mixed Development

mq. 239,930

Malaysia 2011

The masterplan provides three zones, each of them with distinct characteristics and atmosphere. Private and public save their entities, interacting with symbiotic physical exchanges.  A structural landscape makes all the development open and permeable, publicly accessible. The strong recognizable design gives a fresh impulse to the new district. Continuity of green corridors, boulevards, hanging and sky gardens offers a pleasant, gentle transition between the different levels, a refuge-break from the busy surrounding. An intense longing for more comfortable everyday life inspires the essence of the project, whose aim is to catalyze and display positive energy, blending stressful excesses of contemporary living. Urban living meets nature. Combination of city and park creates an unexpected landscape language, where to mediate bustling urban rhythms with pauses of calm: a sort of balanced harmony. The architectural language amalgamates with fluidity built and green environment. Buildings emerge, blossoming from a woven green tapestry, evoking floral patterns of Islamic decorations. Water permeates the aesthetic of ‘The Garden’.  The orchestration of the overall plan focuses on the use of natural resources to guarantee self-sustainability and a great, ecologically oriented lifestyle.

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