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mq. 83,000

Malaysia 2012

The project, located in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Sultan Ismail, consists in the redevelopment of  the 35-storey existing building (ex Malaysia Airlines HQ) into  a ’GRADE A’ office tower and the creation of a luxury 50-storey hotel, connected together at the top. The proposal will be linked in the future through sky bridge with the Tradewinds Square tower (608m), that announces to be the tallest building in Malaysia. A shading fin system breaks the flat compactness of the rectangular mass, emphasising verticality and extending as a skeletal structure above a top landscaped green sky lounge. The fin pattern provides a distinctive texture, helping to reduce heat gain and allowing internal view. The airy three storey high openness at the 6th floor, with swimming pool and abundance of natural vegetation, generates a visual sense of lightness, making less monolithic the block. Part of the metal fins rhythmically rise upward, slightly protruding outside, in the attempt to confer more dynamicity to a repetitive module.In order to privilege three sides view, the lobby lifts have been located on the side facing the existing building. Vertical bands of planting are the landscaped screens running along the fire staircases and service areas. 

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