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Terminal Port Kaohsiung

33,750 mq

Taiwan 2011

A bionic shape, resembling a marine creature, rests along the harbor front.The form, inspired by the natural topography, as significant watermark, visible and accessible from the city and the sea, announces the arrival to the port of Kaohsiung. The smoothness and watery fluidity of the compact, streamlined body symbolizes the dynamicity of the site. The surrounding, conceived as green park, is open and accessible day and night; a schedule of cultural, recreational events transforms the zone from an arrival and departure point into an attractive, destination space.The sustainable plan is the driving force in this regenerative vision: emphasizing the great natural potential of the scenic location. The infrastructural district of the terminal becomes an extraordinary, catalytic hub of work, culture and leisure. The building, featuring inside the same fluidity of the external shape, empowers mobility offering as well as a rich choice of entertainments and pleasant pauses. Car circulation has been planned underground not only for maximizing the efficiency of the terminal and not interfering with pedestrian traffic, cyclists and strollers, but especially for not spoiling the vibrant scenario.     

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