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A reflection of current trends, that projects beyond the present time. The form is a sign that flows smoothly throughout the site, all while keeping the circulations clear and visible. Timeless design elements, such that would not indicate present nor past are used to weave the fabric of an architectural product that echoes with the concept of ‘pop music’. Natural components and materials as green and water present an exciting combination of built form and human appreciation toward nature. The design dictates that none of the elements should be too overwhelming, but rather subtle and acceptable, yet composed and harmonious. Water around the composition creates the illusion of a building that protrudes from the ground; similar effects applied across the site eliminate the visual barrier of the road that splits the overall configuration. The proposal goes beyond the boundaries, engaging the urban context in the path of contrast, shape, materials and elements. Negative and positive, as openness and solid, forge the built form.Freedom is wholly represented by the idea of fluidity and openness suggested by the streamlined, sleek architectural imprint. 

Pop Center

mq. 36,728

Taiwan 2011

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