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Mixed Development

mq 1, 204, 920 

Malaysia 2012

In a large area, in the middle of a rapid process of urbanization, with close link to the city center, develops this dynamic, flexible residential mixed-use project.The design employs a language of homogeneity for the theme of plurality, playing in articulation of subtractions and extensions of masses. Landscape adapts itself to the different site’s situations, invading private and communal spaces, enhancing social interaction between the residents or their own privacy. A vast landscaped area with water features, plazas, courtyards, parks and entertainment points privileges the complex as vital lung. The communal space, livable day and night, all the year long thanks to the tropical climate, establishes a convivial setting for events, celebrations, high-energy gatherings, nurturing conviviality and stimulating economic benefits for the retail activities.Superimposition of garden terraces, multi storey green pockets and planted sky roofs extend the lush vegetation into the buildings, strengthening an exemplary sustainable style of life and working environment. Underground car parks, accessible from public roads, external to the complex, confine the vehicular circulation rigorously outside the development.

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