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mq. 4,322

Finland 2011

The historical and cultural importance of the existing Gosta Museum, the great interest and fascination for the magnificent park have featured an approach marked by the strong desire to preserve as much as possible the spacious quality of the place, its romantic, enchanting atmosphere .The new heart of the Museum, molded into the nature as an exercise of land-art, establishes a harmonious relationship with the context, emphasizing the location’s character and enhancing the visitor’s experience.Two rectangular parallelepipeds discretely nestle in the landscape, one of them stretching the whole length over the sloping terrain until above the lake. The rigorous geometry of the monoliths has been conceived as a thread that, in symmetrical and rhythmic pause with the plant-lined paths, guides the original view from the prominent location of the manor building to the stunning scenario of Taavetinsaari island and its surrounding.The two boxes, dedicated one to the art collection and the other to offices, café’ and restaurant are respectively characterized by cement and cement-glass. The sequence of the two architectural signs with their ostentation of heterogeneous material textures provokes visual, tactile, emotional involvement.


An underground walkway, 29m. long and 3m.wide, from the manor’s corridor on basement level runs until the corridor in between Traveler and Collection Halls, connecting existing facilities and new exhibition area. The passage, that takes advantage of geothermal heating and cooling system, doesn’t have any impact on the landscape, offering not only an easy connection but also an additional location where display works of art. 


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