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Germany 2015

With formal simplicity and elegance, avoiding pretentious ostentation, the new building relies its limpid expression on a rigorous architectural style, grounded on the context. Rising into the geometries of the city-center, well-defined volumes merge with the landscape; abstract hints of the greenery, of the sky lightly wave and shimmer on the glassy interruptions of the façade, adding to the solidity of the structure an ethereal character and a strong connection with the place. Softening boundaries and removing distinctions, the new Bauhaus Museum seems to live the paradox of wanting to create a Museum within a park. Its to be half-open and half-closed, half a park and half a building, plays an important role in its attractiveness: landscape and structure complement each other, strengthening the special identity of the presence. A light-filled hall welcomes, highlighting the feeling of accessibility. Attractiveness and functionality are the project’s priorities and conceived finalities.

Through the implementation of foot and cycling paths, the multi-sided complex will exert a strong attractive appeal on tourists and passers-by as urban platform, able to diffuse a vibrant cultural climax. Façade transparencies, located where they could not be distraction, emphasize connections with key-moment presences in Dessau’s development. With one foot in the past and another in the future, as place of aesthetic education and cultural production, the new Museum will involve the public into an innovative, lively dialogue with an important tradition. The Museum dialogues with a visionary Bauhaus city’s plan, asserting its will to be a Museum ‘in motion’. Not only a collection treasurer, displayer but an expression of ideas, a fertilizer of the environment, a multi-facets landmark, able to arise the community’s spirit with vital cultural life, in a creative atmosphere. Playing with the idea of motion and change, the external compactness is internally fragmented in a combination of cantilevered and super-imposed, adjoined or detached volumes, infused or protected by natural light, according to the best advantages, that enhance the rich, interesting expression of an environment that wants to be a multi-meaning free reality. Driven movement experiences, visually and in fact, will connect  in-between spaces. 

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