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B.I.T Milan Exhibtion Stand

mq 200


Bit is an international travel fair that every year with worldwide appeal gathers those who work in the tourism industry and a large number of visitors. The installation for the hospitality company with a wide range of luxury resorts in Italy, Europe and at the Tropics has been conceived as embodiment of Club Vacanze’s experience. Aim of the stand is to transmit with fresh playfulness the pleasure to travel and to be professionally hosted. Two giant glass sculptures, representing the initial letter of the company’s logo, full of water, welcome at opposite entrances the people to the blue world built for the occasion. Blue walls, color of the company and metaphor of sky and ocean, exotic destinations and exclusive beaches, main protagonists of holiday and freedom, glimpses on water pockets, delimit the temporary pavilion. Huge symbolic images of unforgettable destinations or travelling situations, merge behind the water bubbles of retro illuminated ‘water tanks’, marking the internal path and completing the chemistry of the fully immersion experience.    

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