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Commercial Center

mq 9,822

Malaysia 2014

The complex develops adapting to the triangular geometry of the site, in the corner of a residential area.  The three sides of the building are dedicated to host modern 4- storey offices. Restaurants, cafeterias and various public spaces transform the working environment into a place of interaction and relaxation. Inclusion of an internal generously green landscaped piazza links the mix of separated activities. As the heart of the new district, this courtyard becomes an animated meeting point for events, office functions, accessible day and night to habitual users and people from the street. A network of planted terraces runs along the external façade and internally, ensuring connections between the offices and informal, recreational breaks to the daily routine. A lightweight metal structure, composed by standard common, modular elements, wraps the building providing minimal footprint. A monochromatic white palette transforms the volume in an ethereal presence. The porosity of the steel grid offers a smooth transaction between inside and outside and good interaction with the existing external environment.

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