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The project of this Multi-Functional Administrative City has a strong sustainable identity. The form stretches along the narrow land strip (2.2 km), amalgamates and adapts to the surrounding greenery, the riverside park, creating inside and outside entertainment. The complex is open to public movement and nestles into the existing topography as a continuous roofscape. A strong commitment to sustainable strategies has conceived a building with very low CO2 emissions. The design evaluates solar orientation and pedestrian-vehicle movement for reducing the heating; gray-water recycling, solar panels, heating pumps, titanium dioxide paving, methane gas production from organic waste and a small bio-mass power plant allow to reach almost 0 carbon dioxide production.The whole project will feature exhibition and convention centre, hotel, offices, clinics and health centre, educational structures, anchor tenant, residential (service apartments), shopping centre, restaurants, and playgrounds.

The central part (Phase 1) includes commercial centre, service apartments, office building, riverside promenade, restaurants, entertainment and sport centre.

Eco City

Mulifunctional commercial and administrative centre

mq. 400,000

Malaysia 2011

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