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Service Center

mq 300

Indonesia 2002

Rolex service center in Jakarta, located in a high rise office building at the heart of the town area, occupies a space of 300mq.. The center offers assistance for maintenance and care of the Rolex watches.

The interior combines an elegant functional plan with sophisticated details. The firm’s logo in polished brass, positioned on a monochromatic ivory-sand stucco panel behind the lobby desk, stands with great visual force from the lifts’ arrival. The counter desk itself is a stunning piece of beautiful, clear cut India green marble, rich in color and texture. Green, as part of the logo, recurs in the profiles of the white Carrara marble flooring. Extensive use of wood showcases the long, rich history of the brand. Platan wood panels, profiled with maple essence, patterned by ebony groove lines, generously cover reception’s walls as well as meeting and working’s vertical surfaces. Work offices have been conceived as a large space, facilitating interaction among staffs.

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