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HDB Punggol

mq. 96,000

Singapore 2013

The river flows through the core of the site, irradiating imaginary ripples along both the riverbanks. Following the fluidity of the circular rings, gentle rises a series of construction lines. Swelling and deflating the units of the new generation of Punggol Waterway housing estate spread with sinuous movements through the exuberant green land. In the generous park the buildings grow as from a private garden; green facades, planted terraces and roof tops interact dialoguing with the rich vegetation around. The fabricates, conceived as independent groups and not banally together aggregated, suggest strong identity and communicate the effect of diverse and uniqueness, although they are highly connected with the neighbourhood.The environmental dynamics have inspired social spaces and a variegated pattern of pathways and patchy corners through the park, a multiplicity of situations and a rich program of recreational activities. 

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