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mq. 39,817

Malaysia 2013 

The building mass is expressed as two volumes stuck together. The interaction be­tween the rectangular forms plays on the contrast: gravity-lightness and their com­plementarity. One box stands out with its massive materiality as a monolithic earth formation: rusty-colored plates greatly evoke the natural element. Steel profiles in alternate combination of metal panels and glasses, characterize with openness the cantilevered block, reducing the counterpart's weight. The gaps scattered on the compact facade and the irregular spacing of the mullions on the other projecting screen generate a rhythmic architectonic dialogue between the two calibrated ge­ometries, breaking the monotony of a silent repetitiveness. The 101m high tower finishes with sky-garden and panoramic restaurant.  A 5-storey car park arises as a connected volume apart, covered with a landscaped garden; on the top develops an infinity pool with lush verdant entertainment area. 

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