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Wellness Center

mq. 15,000

Malaysia 2012

In a splendid isolation from urban noise and other architectural presences, on the top of an exuberant green hill, finds its ideal location this sanctuary dedicated to Wellness center. The context configures the linear circular fluidity of the structure, in order to take a 360°panoramic advantage of the scenic surrounding from the elevated topographic situation. Two curved segments, slightly misaligned, on different levels, determined by the terrain, run one behind the other developing the sculptural quality of a virtual unity. The distinctive and bold gesture blends harmoniously both architecture and landscape, embracing internally the refreshing presence of a waterfall and constantly maintaining visual and tangible contact with the nature. The dynamic envelope wraps a programmatic scale of beauty and relaxation  treatments, allowing through its porous shell natural ventilation and light to enter, softening ultra violet waves and guaranteeing a fresh, regenerative, shaded indoor ambience.  Overlapped layers, programmed to operate independently from each other, separating private and public areas, satisfy with fluid circulation the rich, dense schedule of the center.Fitness, phytotherapy, wellness through body detox and healthy, personalized diets, a reflexology center with thalasso therapy pool, hot stone and oil massages are only some of the proposals. Alongside with the natural and specialized therapies, runs the clinic with aesthetic, specific interventions.  

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