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mq. 80,000

Malaysia 2013

The proposed site is a hilly forest- land. Aim of our masterplan is to create a urban development model, where people and nature coexist, providing a residential area with high environmental quality, various scale programs and scenes, which will be able to attract people and play an important role for the community, securing and protecting the beauty of the context. Architecture, sensitively attuned to the rhythm of the setting, obeys the fragmented land contours, enhancing the peculiarities of the territory: the dominant spots maintain their original, exceptional characteristics and man-made signs, as natural as possible to their surrounding, minimize their presence. A harmonious blend is the result of this synergic confrontation and interaction. Bold, clean forms are inserted with fluid continuity into the geometrical cut hedges of the topography or the ground rears up, generating shapes that seem contractions and explosions of the surface. Green roofs complete in a visual continuity of verdant the overall suggestion of this spontaneous creation .The buildings spread organically, according to the guidelines inspired by the morphological layout, shaping the structure of the development and determining functions. . Working with respectful attention on the topography directions, three animal shapes came out, without any pre-intentional plan. A shark, a snake and an humming bird seemed have freely chosen to live in our framework of biodiversity, crowning our attempt to create a mega-diversity paradise, where a responsible human society, well aware of the value of environmental stability, is committed to maintain with ecological consciousness the ecosystem complexity. 

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